Zo kijken we ondermeer naar onderwijs

-1Jan en ik hebben door de jaren heen een diepgaand inzicht ontwikkeld in onderwijs, wat het is, waar het vandaan komt, wat we er mee willen. We zouden er een boek over kunnen schrijven. Er is echter geen impuls om dit te doen.

Vandaag kreeg ik van de Barry Long Foundation deze nieuwsbrief. Die wil ik graag met jullie delen.

Warme zwaai,Eugenie

Extract from the Barry Long book title:
‘The Way In’ (pp 143-144)


Esoterically it can be said that life consists only of teaching and learning, which is mostly done unconsciously; and that everyone, not just the ‘advanced’ or religiously aware, is provided with a teacher or teaching at every stage of life from birth to death. In other words, the teacher is life itself.

How does this all-pervading teaching work and manifest as circumstances? Esoterically, every living thing draws to itself the essential requirements for its own physical survival and growth. For instance, plant-life attracts water and although water may be withheld by drought or circumstance from individual plants, plant-life as a whole survives and flourishes for the simple reason that it rains. Plant-life and water each attract and support the existence of the other. So it is with the spirit.

The degree of a person’s conscious development determines the kind of teaching ‘sustenance’ that he or she needs and attracts.

Everyone’s spiritual or conscious need manifests as individual interests and enthusiasms. We follow our interests and engage in them. When we meet people who can give us a new slant on our pet subjects we call it ‘interesting’, and they in turn refer to us when we are in a position to help or encourage them.

We derive immense satisfaction out of receiving and giving in this way.
Every day at the ordinary level of conversation with friends, family, workmates and even strangers, we are continuously exchanging information and swapping roles as teacher and student.

We can really only help or listen when we are interested. So our interests propel us towards those who need us, and those whom we need. We are all learning. We are all teaching. Everyone in his or her own way is a guru.


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